The joy of that cry as a newborn takes their first breath and cradles into their parents embrace is a priceless experience. The nursery and pram have patiently been expectant of this significant moment, ready to show off and take up their support role. Family gather and celebrate with excitement and shower with gifts as a couple become a family of three. These moments in time are precious and worthy of stardom. However life with a little one does not equate to dancing through the rose beds with a symphony of perfection playing. Rather becoming a parent is full of the most incredible experiences partnered with times where it can feel like there is no road map that provides insights and desired wisdom.

Support can be enlisted by the internet, books and fellow parents; however one could propose that the wealth of experience and wisdom shared by the older generation is invaluable. Yet many would proclaim that this valuable resource is often negated as an option. In today’s society, the older generation can often feel marginalised and invisible as their role in a community is not recognised as one that has gone before, survived the mess and has many pearls of wisdom to share. The bible clearly communicates the significant role of the older generation, ‘whoever walks with the wise becomes wise’ (Proverbs 13:20).

Gathering the knowledge and understandings needed for the journey of parenthood requires a myriad of supportive strategies and avenues. However it can be suggested that generational mentoring from male and female spirit-led wise souls, who can remember the sleepless nights, know how to navigate boundaries and can testify of incredible experiences, can reduce the speed bumps along the way. Providing opportunities for the older generation to speak into the hearts and minds of the younger generation is a Godly exchange of relationship where both parties gain a sense of belonging, feel valued and understood.

  ‘Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance…’

Proverbs 1:5  (ESV)