Real Deal Relationships

Real Deal Relationships is not content with ‘status quo’ relationships! Peter and Ainslie seek to revolutionise an individual’s thinking and responding patterns with the intentionality to develop resilient and meaningful relationships.

Becoming the real deal!

Real Deal Relationships seeks to empower relationships during all stages of life. Underpinned with a partnership of spiritual truths and natural applications; they build an individual’s capacity to explicitly activate a functional set of skills to manage change, conflict and accommodate diverse needs. Peter and Ainslie, with their ‘straight up’ trademark delivery style, discuss many relationship topics including their personal journey of overcoming dysfunctional barriers, a marriage breakdown, separation, managing conflict and deeper understandings of how to become the real deal with others!

Peter & Ainslie Walsh

Peter and Ainslie are a highly motivated and purpose-driven couple who seek to activate every individual to become all that God has called them to be! They lead a passionate move to challenge and empower church communities to develop, sustain and multiply highly effective relationships across all generations, with a deliberate emphasis on dating, marriage and parenting.

Dave Connett - Senior Pastor Goodlife Church Newcastle

Peter and Ainslie Walsh have sought God and His ways, fought the battles and applied the wisdom to their marriage and family for decades to see outstanding success. Now they share it with you so you’d be crazy not to learn and apply their proven wisdom.

Dr Chas Gullo - INC Pastor & Board Member

The passion for truth and freedom blending with excellent training in human psychology, creates the recipe for wonderful relationships. Peter and Ainslie are a couple who live to see marriages and families experience what they are enjoying – Real Deal relationships

From the Blog

Being Content with Discontent

During the early years together, little things that once ignited a flash of anger or grieved her heart would be communicated to her love, and a resolve would be sought. Likewise, he would strategically set aside time to voice his worries and concerns, and they would...

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Eye of the Storm

The clashing of demanding noises gets louder, a heavy weight bleeding into another, breathing is constricted, vision is blurry, the storm is screaming danger and then the eye of the storm comes and one can stand quiet in peace. Life has many highs and many lows. It is...

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Is Play Becoming Old Fashioned?

Make believe narratives take a front seat, the dress up cupboard explodes open, the cubby house is centre stage and the backyard cricket plays its’ last over as the sun takes a bow. The innocent sound of children playing together is something that a parent misses as...

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Little One is Ready … But are You?

The joy of that cry as a newborn takes their first breath and cradles into their parents embrace is a priceless experience. The nursery and pram have patiently been expectant of this significant moment, ready to show off and take up their support role. Family gather...

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The Exchange of Promises

She walks down the aisle graced with petals and beauty, elegantly engaging sight of him. While he stands in his best attired waiting with his breath held, only having eyes for her. Ceremonial proceedings flow at an even pace and then their eyes connect as their verbal...

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