For Church Leaders

As every church is different, Real Deal offers the opportunity to purposefully tailor a package that will suit your church community needs! In each package there is a foundational session titled ‘The Real Deal‘ which is an insight of Peter and Ainslie’s journey from separation to commitment and key Godly insights learnt along the way. This flagship session kick-starts further discussions as it sets the platform for topics to be explored in an authentic and transparent manner. A package can be delivered within a single night session or any period over a weekend.

Dating for Destiny

Exploring the purpose and destined design for dating.

Dating your Ministry?

Often individuals can confuse motivators for establishing a relationship. This discussion addresses the difference between dating and rescuing.

Avoiding Termites

A proactive understanding of how to identify pits of resentment and learn proactive strategies to build and sustain a ‘termite proof’ relationship. 

Fighting Fair

A proactive understanding of how to disagree within a fair and accountable manner by using appropriate strategies. Also exploring reactive methods that are commonly utilised, but rarely produce fruit. 

Who has your Time?

Everyone has the same amount of time per day; however efficiently managing time is not often recognised as a critical element for success. Gaining an effective understanding of idolatry and application of time management can take the lid off a couple’s capacity to make room for His will! 

Home Maintenance

A checklist that should be completed regularly to ensure that one’s relationship is authentic, on the right track and empowered for success. 

Eyes Open, Chains Broken

Grief and loss can significantly impact a relationship. This discussion identifies the validity of the loss, but then speaks spiritual truths to a place where the enemy may have tried to take a disabling stronghold.     

Beauty from Ashes

When all feels lost and the marriage is a heavy burden rather than an amazing blessing, it is time to allow God to speak life and beauty directly to the ashes. This ‘line in the sand’ discussion challenges the logical reasoning and deduction to make room for a move of the spirit.      

Flatten the Speed Bumps!

Two individuals coming together in marriage does not miraculously equate to a deep understanding of each other’s values, beliefs and attitudes.  This discussion explores the differences within a couple and how once identified these differences can move from a ‘speed bump’ position to a strengthened advantage. 

Warriors or Worriers?

In today’s society there are so many opportunities for teenagers to become overwhelmed with fear and concern for the future, which can limit their vision and potential. This discussion seeks to empower parents with key understandings that encourage risk taking, building of resilience and stepping into a purposed destiny!    

Checklist vs Ministry?

Understanding the difference and balance between daily completing a checklist in the natural and ministry as a parent (eg. Religious living vs Christian living). This provides insights as to how both are needed and provides proactive strategies to ensure both are being attended to.

Heart of the Matter

This dominantly centres on managing emotional and physical changes and inappropriate behaviour from preadolescent to adolescent children. This focus pinpoints the true ‘heart of the matter’ within communication between parents and growing children.    

Boundaries not Burdens

Parenting with boundaries is vital when communicating expectations and consequences. It is also a critical element towards building effective family relationships.

A Call for Authenticity!

Exploring the need for authentically parenting children and teenagers through the good and the tough times.     

Destined Race Destined Place

A spiritually empowering charge to de-shackle relationship fractures and past hurts towards leading a sustainable generational family that stands on God’s favour, grace and purpose.

Values vs Reaction

Supporting the decision making process when attending to child/teenager behaviours.   

Effectively Managing Conflict

Delivered over three sessions, the intent is to identify and functionally manage conflict that can occur within a church community. Topics covered will include boundary awareness and establishment, developing a heart for the matter and restoration of harm.

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